Dana Beyer, MD

The mass murder at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, on Valentine’s Day last month, once again brought to the fore the necessity for real gun control in this country, and highlighted the extreme dissonance between the people and the now utterly bankrupt and corrupt Republican party.

In Maryland we have excellent gun laws, but we can do better. I would ban the sale of silencers, now that Congress wants to legalize them. I support the effort currently underway to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and ban bump stocks. I would also ban possession of magazines with greater than ten rounds even if bought out of state. We don’t ban open carry, but it remains very hard to obtain a permit. We should keep it that way, and not allow out-of-staters to carry in Maryland.

Most importantly to me has been the rising of the voice of a new generation, Generation Z. Reared with smartphones, confident and capable of using all kinds of images, and, as a result, at home with the mass media, this cohort of young adults and adolescents is speaking truth to power with a passion and clarity I have not seen since the 60s. And, unlike the 60s, these kids have their parents and grandparents on their side, rather than trying to silence them. I have not been this hopeful for the future in a very long time.