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I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to all who worked on and supported my campaign for the Maryland state Senate. While we did not prevail, we participated in that grandest of American dreams, representative democracy, and we did so with dignity and integrity. Our team, led by Kevin Gillogly and Crystal Ebert, with team members Aaron and Jen Beytin and their agency, Chris Gallaway, Dan Wolff and Jeffrey Knighton and the team at Fieldworks, Celinda Lake and her world-class pollsters at Lake Research, treasurer Chris Grewell and web mistress and social media guru, Sharon Brackett, and Mara Lasko, Alan Hyman, Hank Erslev and Jolly Solomon who did the heavy lifting, were completely professional and dedicated to the cause with passion and skill.

I wish the victor, Rich Madaleno, all the best as he continues to represent our district in Annapolis. I enjoyed the competition, and I hope this campaign leads to bigger and better things for the residents of Montgomery County over the next four years. We are faced with daunting problems, and must remain steadfast to overcome them and create a more perfect union.

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